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Out Of Range is a short,  immersive first-person point and click adventure game set on an mysterious island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The island is full of ancient constructions and surrounded by a dense fog. 

Brynn Nethersen, a hauler from the Hightop, a city above the clouds, crashes by accident with her ship in this intriguing place. There she must find a way to activate the comms tower in the lighthouse and get out of there.

This game is the second year student project at ENTI University in Barcelona. We had about 6 months to plan and develop the game.

Made by:

Roger Casajuana
Miquel Navarro
Arnau Sabater

With help from:
Rafel Sbert

We are a small group and this is our first game, so it's probable that there are some bugs or glitches. Please let us know if you find any issues and we'll try to fix them asap. Thanks for playing!


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Out Of Range v1.02

Development log


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Great game thanks for sharing it with us! 

Made a gameplay trailer using some royalty free music. Let me know what you guys think! 

Really cool! Thank you for playing! :D


Absolutely loved it. The mystery and build up all the way to the end was really good. Loved the graphics too, and how everything was put together. Thankyou for creating this amazing experience!
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Basement/subterranean door does not open for me onto the harbor.
Is this a bug?

Love the game so far, but this seems to be holding me back.
I had trouble with the sonic emitter also, but I probably didn't understand it completely. Gameplay video shows nothing I haven't already done.

Nevermind, I figured it out. It takes a hold on the mouse button, rather than a click.

Great stuff, Oxbane!

whats the minimum requirements??

Hello, the recommended PC specs for 1080p resolution at 60fps are:

Quad Core CPU 2,5GHz or better
8+ GB of RAM
NVIDIA GTX 1060 or similar.


Very nice atmosphere! Can't wait for your next project - hope you get a sound designer with more time then :D

Thanks a lot for sharing and playing our game! We really apreciate it ^^ 


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Excellent game ! Looks like Myst, but the riddles are not so difficult. The atmosphere is mysterious and the graphics are just unbelievable. The end is really extraordinary !!! Very good job (but unfortunately too short...). Thank you !

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Thank you very much for playing! We are glad you enjoyed it.



First of really impressive game, so far i really enjoyed it. Love the exploration and atmosphere. However in my first play i got the hand receiver code thing. and when i got to the first door wanting me to input the code it did not work at all. No matter what key i pressed. (i can equip it and ask for the code). So i reload the save then i could not equip the receiver at all. Made a new-game and now it works fine. Wut? Second bug was in the lighthouse, the door all the way at the top was acting all weird when closing it from the outside. I also had trouble reading some of the letters ,was a bit to much light glare.


Hello, thank you for playing! There's a hint on the emisor paper that tells you how to input the code...
Thanks for the feedback, will try to fix those bugs soon.



We have relased a small hotfix to adress some of the issues you experienced. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.



So I need to enable the bridge

So I need to turn on the power

Now what?

Is it a sequence in which the two levers need to be used?

Is there another puzzle (can't find anything).

Any hint?

Thanks for trying out the game! You should check if you can explore under the bridge, maybe there's something you need there...